Avoid the lies of the mobile phone companies.

I've been trying to move my number (which I've had for seven or so years now) from one network to the other for 20 days. They've managed to switch off the old SIM, and leave me numberless in the US, and now it transpires that the old company (vodasham) actually managed to give me an INVALID transfer (PAC) code. Amazing.

Compounded by the new provider (O2) putting in new computer systems over the Xmas period - the busiest for them, and only having 160 people answering the phone. Average wait time: 20 minutes. The girlie I talked to today had been with O2 for a whole two weeks. Great. 20 minutes wait time for a training session. I tried to call them from the US and racked up more than $150 of calls. Amazing.

So today I find out that the transfer code is invalid, and spend a grand total of three hours sorting out the mess.

My wife pipes up: "Wouldnt it be easier just to tell everyone you've changed phones"... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Welcome back from Lotusphere, from your mobile phone providers. Have a nice day

And Relax