Its holiday time!

Thats it - I'm officially on holiday as of NOW...! Way-hey!

Using the shambolic wireless at LGW. Not recommended. Still, musnt grumble - faster than the 9.6k dialup via my mobile phone. God, that was bad.

The Cisswood hotel in Lower beeding was fun. I met all the eastern european hotel staff girls over the last couple of days - and on the last night, met the Scottish manager/barman. Hilarious.

Recommended. Service is odd, bed is strange, its cold, and the bar is tiny. But fun in a fawlty towers sort of way.

Like the new web look ? Okay, neither do I - its v1.001. It'll get better.

Oh - got my Lotusphere speakers badge confirmed today. And I can confirm it'll say "Wild Bill" on the badge.. (I know, I know. Its my marketing genius)

----* Bill