A long long time ago

Back in the mists of project diamond, times were hard and stressed.

However, according to one of my workmates this evening, I seemed to bring about some cheer.

To set the scene. My collegue was stressed - work was bad, and the position at home was not good. However, upon sharing an office with me and the pantsmeister, life didnt seem soooo hard.

You see, I'd purchased some 40 watt speakers, and was demonstrating their ability at playing "The Prodigy" - 'firestarter' at some 110db. Against the all of my office. Which ajoined the PM office. Bad news..

Course the PM thought it was a car in the car park. Some 2km away. Twit.

Or the time I towed an inflatable crocodile around the executive Philips fishpond behind a toy speedboat. With three rubber ducks in attendance. (This doesnt tend to impress corporate stiffs as much as the geeks)

You see, I'd done those things to cheer myself up. Its taken over five years to understand their effect on other folks in the team This chap looked upon it as the funniest thing he'd seen in months. Dragged him out of the seventh level of personal hell.

Insanity does have its rewards. Even after all these years.

When was the last time you did something insane ?