Get me to the church in time..

Yup. Les's wedding this weekend, in sunny Bexley in Kent.

We trusted a local taxi firm to get us to the church - this didnt work out. The minicab guy (bad sign) turns up 15 minutes late (even worse sign), and says he cant take us (thus coming close to endangering his life). Little b*stard!

Anyway, this provoked a tyre squealing rush through Bexley with the missus navigating (ohh my god). Got there with 30 seconds to spare, and almost hit the brides car.

I'm glad to report that this was the only thing this weekend with any possibilty of going wrong. A fantastic wedding - the look on Les and Carols' face was worth every penny. Two folks who clearly are made for each other, and are going to be very happy together.

Caught up (finally!) with TimB and Clive Cameron (still working at Arcadia after all these year!).

Good fun was had by all...