Monthly Jobserve Monitor Report

During a frenzied period of jobhunting, I set up a system to capture and collate potential contract jobs throughout Europe by sniffing

As you can see from the graph (the last posting date is last night - dont worry!) , the overall trend is decreasing. However, it should be borne in mind:
  • That this is not scientific in the least
  • That the quality of jobs has slowly crawled out of the "20 quid an hour admin required - must have own car"
  • Of course,a lot of jobs dont get posted on Jobserve anymore
  • Of course, my search strings arent very comprehensive
  • That there are a lot more folks in permie positions now and less folks on the beach than two years ago
  • Summer is when a lot of projects gets kicked off - so it could be a seasonal curve
  • and that folks such as IBM ISSL are finding it increasingly difficult to staff up their Domino work at the moment (snicker)
So there you have it. Completely unscientific. And the trends are down again, which isnt so good.

What also interests me is the line for portal work. Looking at the jobserve postings, some of these are clearly "repeats" - different agents begging for skilled folks over a period of weeks. Which is good for us portal certified folks - theoretically it should be pretty easy getting work. Less good for the customers, as they might feel that Portal is expensive enough without paying top rates to get it working. The number of postings also concerns me as I'd have expected the Portal line to slowly creep up over time (especially Q3 and Q4 this year as IBM sell more of it), but it seems to bounce along the bottom of the graph. I wonder what the story is there - customers going portal and using permies ? Do portal jobs always get filled by the pimps before getting posted ?