Calling all Infrastructure Consultants

In the good old days (circa mid-90's), software systems were Hard to install. People had to be trained, install packages were hard to get, and frequently broke.

A recent contender for "Almost impossible to install" was Portal v4.2, which carried this tradition on, and gave all infrastructure engineers new hope that their jobs were secure.

Portal v5 came out, and whilst easier, was almost impossible to blind install. Then 5.0.1, and then the horrific moment when 5.0.2 came out - and installed cleanly.

Even WebsFear Studio 5.0.22 installs cleanly with Portal Toolkit now (without having to patch the underlying WAS server, etc).

New kid on the block, workplace express, promised to be right up there in the "impossible install" hall of greats. Its a software layer right on top of Portal, etc.


I saw a demo of an install last night. Four CD's. Five questions. One of which was "do you accept this licence". One for username, two for password and confirmation, and one to confirm the machine hostname.

I thought "Naa. Never. Lets see where this breaks." (Especially after a flaming in the BP forum from a workshop last year)

An hour later, depressingly enough, workplace express started up perfectly.

So thats it. If you made your living installing impossible-to-install IBM software, forget it. IBM has now went down the M$ route of making it sooooo simple even M$ Monkeys can install it.

Another great career path closes down...

(Honestly, guys. Good job on Workplace Install - now its almost *dull*!)