Broadband getting closer

In just under two months, I can finally get broadband. After a five year wait!

So - I need a wireless ADSL Broadband router. No problems. Oh - and I'd like it to have a DECENT firewall - not some NAT shite. And VoiP capability. And a USB printer port. So far so good. The DrayTek 2600 GSI does all that.

But as usual, I'm not satisfied. What about decent VPN support so I can get back to the house network (and program the Tivo) remotely ? And I want to plug an inexpensive 200gig hard drive in (via USB2) to act as the house fileserver share for all these MP3's and Tivo's that are kicking around.

Whaddaything ? Possible ? For less than 200 quid ? I think it is - if I find such a device, I'll report on progress.

Another good bit of news. I can now get a 2mb connection for less than 40 quid a month. And if I was in an LLU area (Local Loop Unbundling - about 275 exchanges have this), then we're talking an 8mb connection. FINALLY the UK is catching up to where Holland was three years ago.