Unique ? Moi ?

Friday. After 12 straight days at work, I meandered up to Schipol on Friday. Couldnt check in at the machines, and saw a human (well...). She said I'd already checked in and issued me with a boarding card. I thought "urgh", and toodled through.

Again at the gate, the machine bleeped. The checkin woman grunted, manually ripped the checkout stub off and waved me aboard.

Last onto the plane, and found my seat occupied. After a very very polite "can you check your boarding card", I found out that the seat was filled with another "William Buchan"!

Amazing! He refused to confirm he was from "The Broch", or was a "Blue-tooner".. However, he did recognise the terms, so I suspect he was the latter. Found another seat, slept, etc.

This morning, digging through the pile of receipts, I found that I had been given the "other" Bill Buchan's receipt - he'd flown in from Germany before heading back to Jockoland.

Two things concern me. Firstly - I thought the airlines had sorted their "same name, same seat" problem years ago. Secondly, I got this guys receipt.

Scary eh?