Domino and Forward Compatibility

Our product - iDM - was designed for early domino 5 environments, and without much effort, could have been ported to Domino v4.6. It of course runs on Domino 6 right now (I think we had to change ONE thing). And today, as a test, I took a development copy, put it on a Domino 7 server, recompiled using a domino 7 client (which of course you dont have to do) and it worked. Perfectly.

We take this sort of thing for granted. However, if we had originally designed this application for Exchange v4.5 (the "ccMail" killer), ported it to v5.5, then Exchange 2000, then exchange 2003, then it would have meant an almost complete re-write at every stage. Not to mention the pain of having to implement collaboration tooling in an eMail and Calendar product such as Exchange. (This doesnt even begin to talk about the multi-platform support we have with Domino - Solaris, AIX, NT, Win2k, Linux, iSeries. Exchange obviously is only tied to one version of WIndows - the one you dont have yet).

However, when us "notes" guys try and tell the world, either no-one believes us, or our almost religious fervour for this stuff turns folks off. Almost like the door-to-door religion salesman. For instance, I know of a very large computer consultancy in London, who consult in Exchange. A shop full of Exchange Gurus. However, this didnt stop them losing their entire mail system for almost a week last summer, much to everyones shame. Did they even consider swapping out for something that worked ? Course not. "Its a Microsoft Shop".

How *can* we get this message across in a credible manner ?