Train Strike

The train strike in Holland meant that I had to hitch a lift to Schipol with JVS and Brendan.
So once we got to Schipol, I just had to buy Brendan a drink. Then I bought a good book, skulked off to the lounge, and read for four hours. Lovely.

Oh and got the wife a new phone. Its the smallest phone I've ever seen - half the size of my fairly small Sony Z600 and a third of the width. An excellent womans phone..

Up again this morning to visit my long-suffering dentist (Do you always try and get an apointment at 2:30 ? I do..) to rebuild the infamous "broken at LotusFear 2004" tooth. Hopefully this time I wont destroy it as quickly as I did the two temporary repairs..

Off to see the bank manager this afternoon. What an exciting life I have..