Been a loyal Dell customer for year. Old laptop hinges broke within microseconds of warranty expiry. Spent a YEAR trying to get spares via third party. Finally plucked up courage to call dell Directly.

So far - 10 minutes to get an answer - asked for machine ID three times - (in three separate continents!). Four separate voicemail systems. And - surprise! - a call center in India. Who's taking another 10 minutes to just fill out a service call. For a service center to call me back and quote me for the repair of the laptop. (Now remember that they have *all* my details from my record..)

I think this chaps went to the toilet. Or lunch. Or a wedding.

Ohhh my god. I think I've lost the will to live.

Lesson for today. Dont break the hinges on your laptop. Oh - and dont treat your customers like crap.