Thursday spent in the Dolphin Rotunda, leaping on people and trying to sell them iDM. Think I was at 75% of the vote on Declan's blog. After the show, chilled and organised an impromptu rampage starting at house of Blues, then Cirque du Solei (Show changed a little - even better, if thats possible. Third time I've seen it. "If you've not see it, your insane" said Shane, and I agree). Then onto Kimono's to hear some truly apalling Karioke, then onto the Duelling pianos. I treated the bar to my rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Amazingly enough, no-one actually tried to hit me. Polite bunch. Trust Factory turned up, celebrating an amazingly good show for them. Much interest in their DNA tool.

Then a slow morning traipsing around Downtown, buying presents. Went into a Magic shop there and was entertained for half an hour by the store assistants doing tricks. Pants bought a furry toy... (Photos later, perhaps). Then a wind-down at the non-smoking airport, enjoying terrible phone reception, complete lack of wireless, and several large beers. I even had time to get myself another 15-year old whisky - Dalwhinnie this time (on Steve Jones recommendation).

Bumped into the usual suspects - Ian White, Gareth Howell, Michael Chapman-Pincher, JVS, and Wayne. Us HADSL's started on our next version of HADSL - doing a days worth of prep work in the bar. Oh - and the lead kamakaze pilot of the Dutch Drinking Team appeared, apparently sober. I think.