Wow. "Oh what a night"..

After the showcase closed around 8:30 (and we'd opened the bottle of Glenfiddich), we moseyed up to the Dolphin attrium. and bumped into the uusual suspects - Turtle, Terri, the ex-IT Factory guys, Bruce. "The Bob", etc. Terry insisted on drinking some yaegermeister/redbull concoction. Horrible.

Found a microbrewery on Disney propery, and our excellent server put up with about 20 drunk sperions abusing their hospitality. Good beer, too. A short food break later, and the Dutch Drinking crew found us. They were partying as if it was Thursday night - some guys were only being held together with surface tension. They went into Jellyrolls and we dodged that bullet, by heading over to the Karioke bar. And listened to some really horrible singing. Ian White and Carl Tyler were holding up the bar - so I joined in. By this time, the remains of the Dutch Drinking team caught up, and we poured them into a Taxi at 2am. Just in time to be woken up by the biggest thunderclap I've ever known at 3am.

Still, made the stand by 9am, for the first tranche of customers...

Oh - and a big Thanks to Scott Edwards - I got my Kangaroo Scrotum purse today! Wow!