The State of the Nation

And a happy new year! Hogmany in the Mearns was (from a weather point of view) "interesting". Alternating between gale force snow blizzards, torrential rain, and a plague of frogs.

The Edinburgh Hogmany was cancelled - who had the job of pursuading half a million pissed up folks that the party was off ? Not good.

Looking ahead

So - onto the positives. All the economic indicators show the IT sector returning to pre-2000 levels. Spending (especially in the Domino arena) is up - after the long post-y2k drought. All those domino installations still running v4.5 or v4.6 are ripe for upgrading, as are all those exchange v5.5 customers who have now been "end-of-life"'d, who should be pursuaded to migrate to Domino.

Not to mention keeping up with IBM/Lotus directions and learning J2EE products such as portal or websphere. Lucrative products. Products with a small support base at present. As usual, the people in the first wave will be rewarded the most.

So - we have an amazing year ahead of ourselves. Lets look upon Lotussphere 2004 in three weeks time as a "kickoff" for a hard, profitable, challenging and rewarding year.

I wish you all a healthy, prosperous 2004.