Having a "salmon day".

You know - you spend all day swimming upstream and still die. ISDN (It Still Does Nothing) internet connection dead, server dead at prominic, two support calls from my customers, and two calls from prominic (who did a sterling job in getting me up and running again). Finally established that my onetel-account went live on ISDN this morning and blocks my internet dialer. Phoned BT and got the "bypass prefix". Still not working. Oh - my ISDN ISP restricts usage to 320 hours per month. You got it - four days to go in this "month" (as far as the account goes) and it was cut off.

Now back on-line, and stuff backed up through the door.

Dont like to start the day off stressed.. Still, got a call and now have a very very large iDM presentation on Tuesday! Way-hey!