The Labour Party

We're always complaining that the government isnt listening to freelancers. Well, nows your opportunity to tell them what you think. Flashmobbing, anyone ?
Shout99 is sponsoring a fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference on September 29 at 5.30 to 6.30pm in the Marsham Court Hotel, Russell Cotes Road, Bournemouth. The event 'Is Labour the party of and for small business?" is being organised by Labour Small Business Forum. Speakers will include DTI's Small Business Minister, Nigel Griffiths; Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Healey; and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Small Business Group, Kerry Pollard.

Shout99 invites any members of its network of freelancers who would like to attend to come along to the event. It is outside the security area so accreditation or passes are not required. For more information and details see: Doing the Business with Labour.