Tried to get a Sky+ box at the weekend. Found a "returned" one at comet in Dundee. Guess what - after getting it home, plugged in, etc, Sky refused to allow it, as the box had been opened by someone else. "But its working", etc, etc. No. So - back it went, and a three hour fight with Sky to get all of the changes reversed. Dont think I'll ever risk getting another one of these. Ever. Pity you just cant get Tivo 2 in the UK.

[For our overseas visitors. Most people in the UK use Sky - a 400+ satellite TV based company. The Sky+ box is a 40gig tivo-like beastie, tightly integrated with the Sky satellite box. Very slick. Very proprietary. Oh - ripoff postscript. Sky+ boxes are now only 199 quid with 1 quid installation if you purchase directly. Compared to 150 quid + 70 quid via the high street. 120gb drive upgrade info here]

Stop Press. The reason that no bugger has the Pace Sky+ PVR in stock is that Pace are no longer manufacturing these boxes. Amstrad units will be available November or so. So DONT BUY A SKY+ BOX YET. (Oh - and did any of the fearless/feckless assistants in Dixons/Comet tell me this ? Did they hell).