Phew, what a week.

Last Wednesday. Date-mix-up means that we missed the Jo Brand performance we booked. For last week. D'oh!

Monday. Aberfeldy. Chill out and swimming. And missed the show that we'd also booked for that day. D'oh #2.

Tuesday. Embra. Tree-orientated beer-breaks. The girlies wandered around Holyrood palace wearing "Borg" style headsets, leaving Tree and thee to comment on "Does my bum look big in this armor". Convinced that most scottish kings of old either had a comedy-large nose, or six fingers on each hand. Did the "Haunted" tour under South Bridge, and scared the bejeezas out of Ashley and Sarah. Not much sleep to be had that night.

Wednesday. Started the day at the Scottish Computer game festival. No guys talking about it, just thirty or so consoles. Played MotoGT 2003. Class. Crashed a lot. Then spent a very happy lunchtime in the Speigeltent, listening to Geoff (or Greg, as I referred to him) Proops. Guests today - Ed Byrne, Phil Kay, etc. Laughed till I was silly. And then discussed star wars fetish with Geordie comedian Phil Kay outside Gents (whilst he delicately wiped his wet hands on his arse, and fended off an elderly lady I suspected was Dame Edna Everidge). Shopped a lot. Breezed through the Edinburgh Book Festival - Ashley found a first edition 1929 book on the Isle of Skye. Guess thats an early Xmas pressie for my mother, then. (Kinda balances out the new minidisk recorder for my dad and his Ceilidh band). Then went to see Pirates of the Carribean at the fantastic new Cinema complex at the top of leith walk. (To think we used to have a flat 500 yards from there - why oh why did we move?) Film: Very funny. Doesnt take itself seriously at all. The inclusion of an "irony" joke in the middle makes me suspect that it wasnt screenplayed by an American.. :-)

Thursday. Speigeltent. Class. Apart from boring non-comedy french guy. Then Steve Rowlings at 4pm, where I got called "Captain happy" on not laughing. Then the highpoint of the week - Bill Bailey. Doing a class version of "Zip-a-de-do-da", in the style of portishead. Laughed, and laughed..

Friday. Drove to the Isle of Skye, via the excretable Loch Ness Monster exhibitions - both of them. In my (non-libelous) opinion, avoid. Ate in the Atholl Hotel, Dunvegan. Blurrily. Dad cracked open a bottle of MacCallan. Its bones lie glistening in the morning sun.

Saturday. Got up. Groaned. Went to Portree. Lovely in the sun. Ahh. Bliss. Not checked eMail in a week. How much spam ? Lots ?

Wish you were all here. Having lots of fun. Not missing work a bit.

(And typing this in at the Skye riding center. Smells of horses.. Lots of horses )

Had supper at the Staine Inn - the oldest Inn on Skye. And went back to Casa Buchan (snr) and emptied more whisky over my already bleeding liver.

Sunday. Drove home. Got dog. Deleted 300+ spam messages.