Ahh - a week off. Bliss. Time to reflect.

This years been great - building a complete source code migration system for an 18,000 application migration from NT/4.6x to OS/400/v5/v6. This meant building a complete lotusscript and formaula langage parser to find code weaknesses (defined in documents) in over 500,000 separate code-streams. Real challenge.

And of course - iDM. This January - we had a version 1.0 product - released at LotusFear. Now we're working on v1.2 - with Active directory support. Over 20,000 lines of script, 60+ class librarys. Some real technical challenges in there (not least LSX multi-platform development).

So - the future ? Well, personally, its a DB2 accreditation, and some websphere v5 portal experience. And building a bot-interface for iDM in sametime v3.x. And looking forward to ND7 and its very cool implementation of NSF structures in DB2.

Phew. What a busy 12 months. Wouldnt have missed it for the world.