Usual story. Working late at customer site.

Lights get switched off at 9pm (making the toilet stop particularly difficult. Thank god blokes can use "sound" to aim..). 11pm - alarm goes off in building. Quickly pack PC and head towards airlock..

Swipe in, get in. And it stops at the other side, where the front cover has been put across. Ouch. 10 minutes and several urgent "emergency" button jabs later, freedom!

Get to the five star hotel I'm in at the mo (at my own expense, I hasten to add). Ask for some food. "No - you had a sandwich yesterday!". I'm living in Faulty Towers!

Back on customer site this morning, and not at my pre-arranged office meeting in the Hague.

Oh - and todays my sixteenth wedding anniversary. What should I get the wife (aside from her weekly Prozac prescription?)