Good week last week.

Got a pile of work done, got websfear working. Wife+Sprog came across on Saturday for Coatsie's housewarming party. Did a little shopping in Den Haag (in 25 degrees - fantastic!) and tried to get lunch at the Fiddler - just to find out that their kitchens had burnt down.

Coatsie's party - even after arriving 5 hours late - was really good fun. Met lots of cool, fun folks - including Astrid, who tried to deny that she spoke (perfect) English with an "Ozzie" style brummie accent. Hilarious!

Sunday. Drove to airport, after getting lost, and had to lug 46.5 kilos of 21" SUN Workstation monitor onto the aircraft. Painful.

Home. Sweet home. At last.

Chilling, awaiting a cricket-bat wielding corporate to actually sign a purchase order.

London next week (After a couple of days in the Hague) - first time in months! Should be a larf.