Queueing for the new book in Dundee at 11:15pm, I was struck by the bizarreness of the situation.

Here were a number of grown adults, some with small children (a few dressed up) standing in a fairly central street in this town, at kicking out time. Lots of drunks, people throwing up, taxis roaring by at 50 mph. (This could be anywhere in the UK, I hasten to add).

And us in the queue, waiting for midnight to buy a kids book.

At one stage, two adults (from the other bookshop in Dundee I suspect) appeared, dressed in cloaks and wizard hats, and handed out balloons. Very strange.

The most interesting "street life" story of the night: The queue faced up the hill towards a junction. Groups of people heading home would traverse this junction. A group of three very young girls were walking across when the one nearest us threw up - whilst walking across the road. Didnt stop - just kept vomiting and walking. Amazing. Didnt think she even knew she was doing it.

Finally got into the shop and bought two copies. Why was it taking so long ? The books barcode had *not* been entered into the computer - so the staff had to key the barcode in by hand. Har har. The *one* night that they *had* to get it to work.