I met with Coen in Arnhem, then we drove 800km to Munich. Once we hit Germany, the unlimited autobahn speed meant that we were merrily running along at 160km/h. In the slow lane. Watching the mercs, beamers and porche's scream by at 250km/h. Wow. I'm starting to understand the attraction of living there.

In the hotel bar last night, with lots of "club hormone" bus trippers, from Oz, New Zealand, Canada, and a country that can only be described as "Belch" - Hi Scott! Scott looked like a stunt double for the drunk guy in Waynes World, and had this amazing belching ability. I lost 5 Euros betting that he'd either die or throw up. Imagine going on a 20-day, 10 country coach trip with 49 other 18-30 year olds, getting pissed every night. Just think of the air quality. Just think what the kids'll look like.


The hotel bar had an offer on last night - a stein plus beer for 6 Euros. So we got a few. The luggage will be clinking on the way home. Off to the Software Symposium today, to hear Ed Brill talk. And make strange animal noises.. "mmmmmoooooooo!"