We have a hairy dog

(a spaniel - The dumb blonde of the dog world). It casts hair. A lot. So one of the carpets - the biggest and darkest one - seems to be the best carpet in the world at retaining said dog hair. Some mornings it looks more doggy than carpety. So on Friday, the Dyson super-vaccum - the thing that lifts sucks up cement blocks - finally packed in after two years of daily doggy hair hell. By some convolulted chain of "womans" logic, of course, this didnt mean purchasing a new dyson. Oh no. That might have actually cost less and only taken an hour. It meant visiting one of these souless, out of town hardware stores, and buying 28 square meters (Casa Buchan is *big*) of "laminate flooring". And then spending the next two dammed days laying the stuff. AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH.

The only upside is watching a 50-pound brainless mutt attempt a 90 degree turn whilst doing 20mph on it. A sight to behold, assuming your not in the way. (Laminate is better than wood at this, as the dog's claws doesnt scratch it quite as badly, thus removing any kind of tractive force whatsoever).

Oh - and one other thing. Am I just evil, but does everyone else find the sight of their spouse in self-inflicted pain hilarious ? Twice with the classic "Laurel and Hardy" Hammer sketch, and once dropping something on her foot. Ohh, I wish I had a video camera.