Ahh. Notes. Some good stuff, some bad stuff.

Good stuff: I've been swapping a database between windows, AS/400 and AIX for the last couple of weeks. Binary compatible. Just FTP or Copy it - and it works. Wonderful.

Less good. Its a 31gig, 4 million record collection of applications. Just the sheer size of it means that you spend a long time babysitting it, and making sure it works. That the indexes are there.

Not the time to attempt using firewire external disk enclosures with 2 litre milk cartons sitting on the disk (for cooling purposes).

However, its all working. Something, was I not a domino guy, I'd be amazed at. But we take this for granted. Be grateful.

So - I'm a genuinely chuffed Domino guy at the moment. Doing amazing stuff with enterprise-wide design consolidation (and lately, application Sanity Checking). Life could not be better. (There's even a really wicked pub next door that sells beer to go. And does a really good sushi.

Are you all sick ? Here am I, hardware coming out of my ears, doing challenging, complex work for a bunch of people who appreciate me ? Yes, I know -its been a while for me also.

Pete "Lets not mention his name or where he's working" Zebedee has started blogging! Expect some really unique stuff there, once he sorts out his ACL's.

Last note - Ed Brill has been calming me down of late, pointing out the disaster area that is M$ Exchange 2003, and reassuring me that the Domino path right now is the right one. He's a sort of "Lotussphere" extension for me - as loyal as Domino guy as you can imagine, enthusiastic, and a good evangelist as you could ask for. Even poor TAND should be encouraged, out there in the frozen wastes of Aberdeeeeen.

Sort of like attending LotusFear every week, in a very small way. (No sore feet, for instance). Keep an eye on Ed. He'll go places, let me tell you. Guys like him dont come around very often each lifetime.

What else. I keep skimming Ferdy's website, and keep being amazed by his energy and drive. It makes you sick, sometimes, but I remind myself that I'm old in this market's terms (37 going on 13 going on 65 at the last count). Youth, energy, intellectual drive are all in his favour. And boy, does he have it all. Good for him. Sorta like a less attractive version of me in my youth....

I'll round off this rather long dirge with an old (foul) joke:

Two bulls in a field. Young bull says to old bull:

"Theres a bunch of cows in the next field. Lets jump the fence and f**k a couple".

Old bull to young bull:

"Lets walk round by the gate and f**k them all".