Sunday Morning Blues

Lying in bed on a sunday morning. Phone rings. We ignore it. Get the "last number", and call back. "Welcome to the inland revenue" (The UK tax collection authority - like the IRS). Get through to an operator.
"The inland revenue just called me - can you tell me what it was about?"

"Oh - dont worry".

"Hang on - the inland revenue calls me on a sunday morning, and I shouldnt worry?"

"Oh yes - it could be a 'customer service' call"

"The inland revenue has a customer service call?"

"Oh yes".

Can you imagine ?

"Press 1 if you want to give us more money"

"Press 2 if you want more torture"

"Press 3 if you are dead".

"Press 4 if you feel your not being hounded enough".

Yeah, right. One of these civil servants (itself, also an oxymoron) decides to make the tax people more "cuddly". Amazing.