Call to arms.

A certain dutch gentlemen of my aquaintance is getting married in Poland next year. The last Polish wedding he attended, he was ambushed by his (future) brother-in-law armed with some vodka, and ended up smashing his face onto the table when he passed out. (I'm sure he wont mind me mentioning this in public). He's now looking for some poor western soul who has an amazing capacity to drink Vodka (49 percent polish stuff, not the mouthwash we get in the west) such that it'll put the fear of god into his relatives. I have, of course, restrained myself and not put myself forward (given that I actually like the power of sight, and want to keep this ability for the rest of my life). So if you can think of some monster fitting this description, please get in touch. There will be auditions. (I hasten to add that this is not part of the L-Bonian national assembly meetings - a far more restrained, sophisticated event). I shall of course report on progress, training, etc, etc.