Struck me that there isnt enough technical gubbins going on. So here goes.

Migrated two test servers from Windows to Linux a few weeks ago. Managed to get a "server script" that I used to use working on Linux, and now I'm a happy, happy bunny. The old windows box used to crash, have to be restarted, etc, etc, all the time. The linux box (which is exactly the same machine) runs without any hiccups. None whatsoever. Very, very reliable. And its running version 6.0.1, and 5.0.9a domino servers. The shared library archictecture of *nix means that different user ID's can load shared libraries of the same name, on the same machine (unlike windows), etc, etc. Sweet.

If your sitting there going "Yeah, yeah, but I dont know Linux" - trust me. Just do it. Two days of beating your head against it, and you'll be there. (Last year, it would have been more like 10 days).