Ohh, Nice one.

Guess what. I got what looked like a government legal notification, from "Crown Data Collection Enforcement Agency", 193 Market Street, Hyde, demanding 95 quid to be compliant with the data protection registrar. I've been sitting trying to get through to them all day, and it transpires that its a con. Nasty. Be aware (all you UK based companies)!
Inland Revenue Spam-Phone-Call-Update. Apparently, they've been hammered in the past for not telling anyone about any tax credits you might be elligable for. So now they're calling up EVERY taxpayer in the UK, and asking what your income is, and how many children under 19 you have in the household. Should you answer these two questions correctly (which they could do using the information they ALREADY HAVE), then you get tax credits for kids. Which sounds like a good deal to me. So - despite the huge waste of effort, and concern generated, whilst stupidly duplicating information they already have, its all been in a good cause, So I'll let them off this time.. :-)