Just thinking about the "Woah" story.. Two stories of mine spring to mind:
  • Just a few hours before switching on pilot usage of a very, very large domino environment - the TDA decided to switch on public key checking. Cool. Nice. But then proceeded to lock *everyone* out of the environment. Thank god one person had accidently left a laptop logged in. Delivered half an hour late. Phew. I seriously thought the TDA was going to corpse that morning, and was determined not to have to be the one to give him CPR.
  • In the early days of satellite based pay-per-view, one company whom I worked for distributed tens of thousands of smartcards for payment enforcement. These cards would "listen" to a stream of card instructions. "Card number 4 - your time is up", or "Card number 4 - enable channel 15", etc, etc. Worked well in testing. But there was a huge amount of "ghost" security actions causing real, paying customers to get disconnected. Reason: Smartcard firmware would in one card in a thousand (or so) recognise the adjacent number as well as itself as its own number.. Ouch.
So next time some pointy haired boss is breathing down your neck, chopping testing time. Tell him Bill says to get lost. Testing *is* necessary..