Enjoyable evening down in Eindhoven, at the Touch of India, amusing the Diamond 2 Core team with our merry banter. Granted, getting the midnight train back to the Hague was a struggle, as was the inevitable get-out-of-bed thing this morning. But hell, its worth making an effort for a Curry and a Beer. Or Two. Or three..

JVS - remember - CALL YOUR DENTIST. SHE IS AWAITING YOUR CALL. (Apologies to the other reader - but you know what he is like. I mean, he is in pain from his teeth, and he still WONT GO. Despite his new dentist being pain-free. C.U.B I think was the expression used last night)

Wednesdays. Half way. Half way from the weekend, and the same distance again to the end. I find Wednesdays formless, boring and rather mundane. Not the same level of insanity as say, a Thursday.

Redid the fonts - some people couldnt read 10-point Georgia. Verdana, sucky though it is, is better for that dense content stuff. Broke just about all the rules of view design building the links "date" feature on the right - hope your proud of me! (do not under any circumstance put @today, @yesterday, or @now in a computed column on the view..)