Rght. So here's the challenge.

To equip my ride-on lawnmower with sufficient computer-controlled hydraulic assemblies to allow a linux-based "tinyPC" on the end of a wireless link to automatically cut the lawns (about half an acre) at Casa Buchan - with full webcam control, animal avoidance, grass dumping, etc, etc. An optional but highy desirable extra is a dog turd removal system. A 25 kilo spaniel.. Well. you can see what I'm getting at.

Its got a conventional steering wheel (so collar it and run a worm drive motor for steering), a gas pedal (2-3 kilos pressure required), a brake (2-3 kilos pressure), the blade engage-lever (2-3 kilos, 10cm "throw") and a semi-automatic gear system (1-2 kilos, about 15 cm "throw"). The mower will also need a hydraulic lifting and dumping system for the grass (or an automated vaccum "dumping station" that it could dock with?). Bear in mind its a petrol mower, with a 6 volt starter system. Power galore.

Parameters. Cheap. Non-destructive to the lawnmower. Generic parts. Open standards wherever possible with off the shelf parts. The mower only cost £750 - so a spend of less than that is in order. Self-navigatable and layout "learning".

Up for the "Mow the lawn from the hammock" challenge ?

Oh - and if it works - we sell the kits..