Northern Lights

Wow. Flying to Aberdiin last night the pilot helpfully told us that there was an amazing northern lights display, but we couldnt see it from the back. Landed, picked up by missus, and driving home we stopped at the side of the road.

It was the largest display of Northern lights I've ever seen - a full 180 degrees of the sky painted white and red, with the entry point directly above us. They lasted a good hour before dissapating. Its also the furthest south I've seen them. Oh - and its shooting star season - seeing shooting stars come through the lights is amazing.. Who needs mere fireworks when you have this ?

A quick note about the photos. I'm far too cack-handed to actually take photos of this quality. When I saw the lights, I called David Clark, of Clark Photographers. He then grabbed his professional digital kit, and drove to the hill above Laurencekirk - the town you see at the bottom of that picture (The floating black mass is a cloud).. These thumbnails dont do the originals justice - they really are jawdropping. He can do prints of them, if you want.