Ahh. Home at last - its always good to get back.

Used my new Belkin 54mb wireless network to work on the sofa last night whilst watching the Simpsons with my daughter. Then she grabbed the PC and started surfing the net. Ahh well.

Once you have wireless - they're just no going back. In my case - back to my own office. My wife has barred me from there, as she claims I'm too messy. Sigh. SWMBO, eh?

So - not got wireless at home yet ? No excuse. 3com are doing a 54mb hub and PCMCIA card for the sum total of 69 quid plus vat.

Last piece of news for folks who know Pants. He's finally finished his floorboarding exercise in his living and dining rooms. The last screws go in this morning! Hurrah! Congratulations!