Conference finished. High points: Lots of friendly delegates. Blushing Hanna. The Teamstudio loonies. The conference organising loonies. Spending quality time with Bill Hume, and his golfing jacket (only kidding!). Winding Ed up. Ed winding me up. Winding up the Aberdonians ("SHEEP!").

Oh - and playing motoGP2 (the new one) and showing just how bad a virtual biker I am. And Jim Moffatt admitting to both an 11 month old baby, being 50 and having his 400cc bike nicked recently. Way to go dude (aside from having his wheels nicked, obviously!).

The Q+A (Abuse the Speakers) session went well, with myself and Penumbra asking horrible questions of Ed, Bill Hume and Daniel Nashed. And Bill+Ed answering them effortlessly.

So - whats the Future ? PORTAL. GO THERE. NOW. DO NOT PASS GO. Seriously.

George from DotNsf gave Ed a blinder of an idea on how to hand out working demos of the 45-CD-ROM Portal "Extend" system. (Wont steal his thunder - but if it works - WOW!).

Bill+Ed accused me of being good at Marketing (BLush).

Oh - and Ed went off with "Big Ben", Daniel and assorted blokes for supper. Since I snuggled up to bed at 4am, and was up at 8:30, I cried off. For once.

Phew. Fun. Do it again.