A 24-hour stint to get various deadlines complete.

And then onto the Admin 2003 show on Sunday. No rest for the wicked.

Oh. At the bond villan-HQ, scanning 8,000 apps using Teamstudio. Weird thing is that each app can generate up to 7,500 separate report documents. Which kinda slows it down somewhat. Coupled with that is teamstudio's "text seach" methodology, which means that it picks stuff thats been remmed out, etc. And it all starts to look shaky.

Compare and contrast with Trust Factory's SMT product - which I happened to write. Scans into XML, sanity checks (which teamstudio doesnt do), uses proper parsing to do data-driven analysis (so I can tell exactly where *all* the "notesdatabase" class items are), and of course runs almost completely automated. Oh - and its results are far easier (and therefore far faster) to read and process. Speak to Wouter. Save yourself a bunch of money doing automated application code validation.