Moved my computer room from my house to Montrose.

"Computer Room - pah!" I hear you say. But we're talking about a smoothwall firewall, a linux box and a solaris box. Decided not to move the AIX box - "Typhoid" - yet as we have no hot customers barking at us for an AIX domino 5 version of iDM. Yet.

(Oh - on that note - all our test servers are named after deseases - thanks to Jaya@TrustFactory. I've obesity, flatulence, malaria and typhoid, Richard has Distemper, and Royston has Jaundice. I forget the rest. Its all very amusing till we have to demo to customers).

Convinced that I'll never get broadband via BT at my house - so seriously investigating long-haul 54mb antennae. Its only seven miles to the nearest broadband point - Montrose.