I'm a geek. There, I've said it. But quite a sociable one. I dont have hallitosis. I can tell jokes.

I'm married to a wonderfully supportive wife, we have a 24-year old graphic designer daughter, and we live in rural scotland. Next to a pub. A really nice pub.

My company - HADSL - produce a rather incredible federated identity and resource management solution for Domino, AD and BlackBerry. I also do long-term consultancy work for very large enterprises and governments, which help fund my travel habit and pay for the odd refreshment. 

We have a dog. A wonderful dog called Einstein. He's a Doggle - a Dog Model. 

Einstein at the North Esk. Photo by David Clark

I help out with the Marykirk Raft Race. 

The Marykirk Raft Race 2013. Mental. 

And in 2013, myself and 8 others raised over £11,000 for the Childrens Hospice Association of Scotland, by walking 80 miles in 4 days along the Great Glen Way. Which we're all rather proud of.

From above Loch Ness, West side, North of Invermoriston.  Beautiful.